Ferndale Ignite is powered by experienced business leaders and professionals that have walked in your shoes. Ignite is a process framework that anchors investments and helps navigate and accelerate growth.

From Sales & Marketing, Financial Mapping & Controls, Technology, HR Management to Board Leadership and M&A Exit Strategies, we've got your back at each stage of your company's growth.

Beyond the day to day operational support, the Ignite platform offers our portfolio company leaders a peer to peer community that opens doors to opportunities and provides access to resources. It couples the insights and lessons often hard learned with the support of a professional network.


“We invest in people with big ideas, audacious dreams and even bigger shoulders.”

Simon Morriss | Venture Partner


Ferndale #1

Ferndale’s Founders Fund invests in companies operated by ambitious entrepreneurs seeking smart growth capital to expand and scale. We back thinkers and doers, and those that are driven and focused. It’s these qualities that we seek and best relate to.

Whatever your capital or resource requirements, we’re here to work through the growing pains with you, from seed funding through to exit.


“Every business owner deserves their payday.”

ed huntingford | managing Partner