Ferndale Capital brings strong domain expertise to the Retail, Consumer, Health, and New Media sectors. We invest in early to mid-stage high growth companies with recurring revenues that have created new markets or reinvented existing ones scalable by tech.

Our team is made up of self-made business leaders, entrepreneurs and best in breed professionals with decades of investing and operating experience. We are globally influenced but locally finessed, and while we’re big end of town dealers, we remain true to our corner shop trading culture. We know how difficult it is to build a successful business and are bonded by one goal: accelerate growth to deliver a strong commercial outcome.

Ferndale is Investment Reimagined. 

We invest in tenacious leaders who wear their entrepreneurial scars proudly and continue to chase their dreams, not butterflies. By combining the strength of capital with our commercial knowhow and networks we bring those dreams to life
— Peter Quattro | General Partner

“Creativity and fortitude are the most powerful forces in business.”

Romeo Kekic | Venture Partner



Venture capital investment has evolved dramatically over the past decades going, full circle, returning to a time when investors naturally assumed the role of advisor, mentor and champion for those on the frontline of business. At Ferndale Capital we believe that venture capital is less scalable and more boutique, requiring dedicated professionals with a partnering mindset. Above all, venture partnering requires commitment and focus. 

Building companies and growing brands isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s an endlessly challenging and often lonely journey.

Our most important focus is our mission: to be the partner of choice for entrepreneurs committed to growth. Having built companies from the ground up, we know the challenges and have empathy for the entrepreneurial journey. In today’s increasingly fragmented marketplace, a supportive team with diverse yet complementary backgrounds spanning technology, operating, and investing is the key to scale.

Ambition DRIVES US, Adventure TEACHES US, Trust BINDS US

“The future belongs to the brave.”

Johnny Quattro | Venture Partner